living — 2015 — Washington, DC

4600 Connecticut Avenue Garden

Located in an urban corridor of large apartment buildings, the entry garden at 4600 Connecticut Avenue is a verdant infusion in an otherwise lifeless landscape.

The garden is organized with a strong cross-axis geometry. The main pathway and large planted area are scaled to mediate the large building and wide avenue. The cross-axis inserts a more intimate garden scale into the semi-public space. The millstone fountain, evergreen hedges, and seating stumps reinforce the compressed scale by offering detailed elements that are appreciated at close range. 

A rain garden inserted at the toe of the parking stalls absorbs runoff from the driveway and a meandering path further emphasize the space as pedestrian, not automobile-focused.

Photos by Allen Russ

Ginkgo Watercolor


Primary Material Palette

reclaimed millstone fountain, yellow granite pavers, blue granite seats, granite cobbles, ginkgo trees, boxwood,  switchgrass, hakone grass, 

Landscape Contractors

Denchfield Landscaping

Square Footage

19,840 SF
Phase 1 (Entry Gardens)                    


Time Span

Phase 1 (Entry Gardens)


Washington, DC (North Cleveland Park)

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