living — 2012 — MIddleburg, VA

Creek Hill Farm

The farm is located about an hour west of Washington, DC in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains on a hilly and rocky landscape.

The house and outbuildings date from 1750. The owners wanted the aesthetic of the renovated main house to apply to the landscape improvements. The design program for the landscape included a new entry drive and arrival court, rain gardens to collect water from the main house, and a vegetable garden.

The original design approach aimed to keep all of the character-defining features of the landscape including the root cellar mound, a handful of scattered boulders, numerous stonewalls, signature trees, and the rolling topography. 

Over the years, the numerous outbuildings have been re-purposed as guest quarters, studios, and other domestic rather than farm uses. Retaining linkages between these structures was also an important part of the program.


MacMahon tobacco stake fence

Photos by Allen Russ



Primary Material Palette

fieldstone, black locust, cedar

General Contractor

Potomac Valley Builders, Chapel Valley Landscape


2014 Merit Award, American Society of Landscape Architects, Maryland Chapter                    


Time Span / Size

2009 - 2012 / 73 Acres 


MIddleburg, VA

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