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Pawpaw Hunt

Let us hunt then, you and I...

Each year, Moody Graham & friends gather along the banks of the Potomac to spend time together in nature gathering pawpaws. It is an important opportunity to reflect on the year and prepare ourselves for a busy fall. The annual pawpaw hunt reminds us of the health benefits of walking outside, being part of a community, and interacting with local flora and fauna. For the past few years we've had a competition to design a t-shirt to celebrate the hunt.


Photos by Moody Graham

Paw Paw Hunt Poem6

Our Hunt

Paw paw Hunt_01
Paw paw Hunt_02
Paw paw Hunt_09
Paw paw Hunt_04
Paw paw Hunt_03
Paw paw Hunt_07
Paw paw Hunt_08
Paw paw Hunt_10
Paw paw Hunt_05
Paw Paw Team_19
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Paw Paw Team_18
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Our Team

Paw Paw Team_01
Paw Paw Team_03
Paw Paw Team_04
Paw Paw Team_05
Paw Paw Team_06
Paw Paw Team_07
Paw Paw Team_20
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Paw Paw Team_09
Paw Paw Team_08
Paw Paw Team_22
Paw Paw Team_10
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Paw Paw Team_16
Paw Paw Team_21
Paw Paw Team_11
Paw Paw Team_23

Our Hunting Grounds

Great Fall Park Map_editted
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Pawpaw trees on the banks of the Potomac




Pawpaw Hunt, Design Competition


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