being — 2018 — Charlottesville, VA

2018 BDA Prize Competition

Charlottesville Identity & Design - An Ideas and Design Competition

The 2018 BDA Prize [Charlottesville: Identity & Design] seeks proposals for a site-specific work of public art that will successfully embody the values and aspirations of a diverse community.

Charlottesville, Virginia is only one southern city struggling to express the reality of a complex past and understand how the stories of the past affect the present, learning to discern the difference
between history and propaganda.

Through what symbols would a diverse community express its narratives and keep them close to the truth? And how would they best be expressed? What would be the best path to correcting a narrative understood as imbalanced at best, or false at worst?

Images by Moody Graham

Entry Project Team

Moody Graham Landscape Architecture

Scope of Work

Schemetic Design


‎February 2018


Charlottesville, VA

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