working — 1990— Annapolis, MD

Maryland Governors Mansion

The mansion’s gardens celebrate the history of Maryland, with the fountain now recognized as a piece of civic art, a landmark, and a point of orientation within the city fabric.

The Governor’s Residence of the State of Maryland, known as Government House, was built in 1869 in a Victorian Style. The fountain is a new, prominent feature in the  garden, seen by the public as they walk or drive past. The fountain has an overall Victorian appearance but is composed of the flora and fauna of the Chesapeake Bay region. The lip of the two basins is the white oak leaf, the state tree. The composition blends 21st century environmental awareness with the city’s history.

Photos by Graham Landscape Architecture staff

final version

Fountain Design Sketch

MD_Governor’s Mansion_section

Section Through Corner Garden



General Contractor

Childs Landscape


0.10 Acres                  


Primary Material Palette

bronze, brick




Annapolis, MD

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