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flower dots

How does a landscape
architecture firm bring the joy of plants and design to more people?

Flower Dots are a simplified planting experience intended to introduce a larger audience to the experience of growing flowers. 

Designed in collaboration with a graphic design firm, the tubes feature bold graphics and clear instructions on how, where, and when to plant bulbs. The instructions encourage various in-ground arrangements making participation in landscape design accessible and hands-on.

Flower Dots are for everyone. Dots can be planted in a pot on a balcony or as a part of a large layered bed.


Photos by Ashton Design & Moody Graham Landscape Architecture

How does a landscape
architecture firm grow an idea?

Flower Dots began as an autum gift to clients and collaborators. In the first year, five varieties of bulbs were selected, each presented in a unique package. Daffodils, tulips and alliums were chosen.

In the second iteration, Flower Dots expanded to include more species and curated pairings. Additionally, a special edition was designed for children.

Flower Dots continue to be distributed as gifts to clients, architects, and other collaborators. This low-cost way to encourage the act of planting holds potential. Plans to expand the collection and to reach an even broader audience are underway.


Year 1

Packaging Year 1_Page_07
Packaging Year 1_Page_08
Packaging Year 1_Page_09
Packaging Year 1_Page_10
Packaging Year 1_Page_02
Packaging Year 1_Page_03
Packaging Year 1_Page_04
Packaging Year 1_Page_05
  • Playful packages that each contain 20 bulbs.
  • Collaboration with graphic designers yielded a bold yet approachable container.
  • Ten simple steps guide planting, encourage design exploration, and describe what to expect when working with bulbs.
Year 1 gallery_10

Year 2

Packaging Year 2_2

Tulipa batalini Bright Gem & Anemone blanda Windflower Mixture

Packaging Year 2_4

Narcissus Sunlight Sensation & Muscari sp. The Magical Muscari Mixture

Packaging Year 2_3

Muscari aucheri Blue Magic & Tulipa greigii Pinocchio

Packaging Year 2_5

Allium Globemaster & Anemone blanda Pink Star

  • Each flower dot package contained a curated pair of bulbs to plant together.
  • Seven simple steps guide planting, describe the soil requirements of the bulbs, and
    communicate the requirements for the maintenance of these perennial plants.
  • The ‘Sprinkles’ special edition introduces children to the wonder of plants.
Packaging Year 2_1

Plant & Bloom!

Painting from Meg Page 2
naccicis in front of MG logo

"...we are human in good part
because of the particular way we
affiliate with other organisms…
To the extent that each person
can feel like a naturalist, the old
excitement of the untrammeled
world will be regained…Splendor
awaits in minute proportions."

- E.O. Wilson, Biophilia




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December 2017


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